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Defending Your Rights When Life Gets Difficult

Your lawyer is not your friend, but they should be your trusted ally as you address difficult situations. It does not matter if you own a business, suffered an injury or if you are charged with a crime, attorney Steven Lovern and our team can support you. If you own a business, we can assist you with collections, and a variety of your business and commercial legal issues. We also accept bankruptcy, criminal defense, and personal injury cases. Our firm’s philosophy is that we are all about helping you. At the Law Office of Steven Lovern, we will be your partner throughout the legal process and help you return to your life.

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He has been practicing law for over 30 years and he can help as you face a variety of legal issues. You want that level of knowledge and experience working for you when someone is suing you or your business. If you need to defend your rights against criminal accusations or recover compensation to pay your bills. We can help if you were hurt by someone else’s negligence, recklessness or carelessness or if you need to defend your rights.

Working To Build A Connection With You

Your attorney should be a professional, but they should also be someone you feel comfortable talking to about your issues. You want to make sure you hire someone you trust, who will listen to you and explain the issues. Attorney Lovern can make suggestions on the best strategies and how best to deal with your case. The legal system can be complicated.

We understand it can be difficult to take legal action or to defend yourself. You should never take these issues lightly. You need to address them as effectively and as soon as possible. What sets us apart is that we will work hard to make a personal connection with you. You will not feel as if you are alone if you are going through the legal process. We will guide you through every step.

Connect With Us For Cost-Effective, Personal Attention

Contact us if you need legal support for your business, debt relief options, if you suffered a personal injury, or if you need to defend yourself against criminal allegations in Indianapolis, or anywhere in Marion or Hendricks counties. Email us or call 317-953-2460.